Check In

Children's ministry is provided during our service for kids 6 months of age (minimum) up to second grade. We've outlined our check-in procedure below to make Sunday morning drop-offs stress free, especially if you are a first-time attender!

  • When you arrive at the Holiday Inn on Sunday, head to our "Shoreline Kids" check-in table for assistance on how to check your child in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are snacks provided?

Yes! We know that kids often get hungry during service, and therefore, a light snack is provided. Please let us know if your child has any allergies or if you have provided your own snack for that day.

What happens if my child needs a diaper change during service or needs to use the bathroom?

If your child should need a diaper change or to use the bathroom during service, a volunteer will come notify you so that you can take your child to the bathroom or change their diaper. At this time, children's ministry volunteers do not change diapers or take kids to the bathroom to ensure we are well staffed and attentive to kids in children's ministry.

Do volunteers have background checks?

Yes! Your child's safety matters to us. We have conducted background checks on each volunteer.

Do children stay for worship music?

Of course! We love having our kids involved in praise and worship time. Children are a part of our opening set of music and then are dismissed during the "Life of the Church" portion of our service.

Can I stay with my child to see what they do in children's ministry?

For safety reasons, we kindly ask that parents do not walking in past the drop-off point at the check in table. We love that you want to see the action and fun in children's ministry, but we want to make sure our ministry area is safe and secure for all of our children.

How can I volunteer with children's ministry?

Please contact Keren Biehl or Rob Fitzpatrick during the service to get more information.

What age does my child have to be to attend children's ministry?

We ask that your child be at least 6 months old to join us in children's ministry on Sunday mornings.