God Fights for His People

March 19, 2017

The miraculous signs the Lord worked through Moses in Egypt show us two powerful messages: God is sovereign, and God fights for his people.

Our God is Sovereign

The plagues show God rules all things - even when the Egyptians prayed to gods they believed to control those domains. But even before God embarrassed the things Egypt trusted in, he showed Pharaoh a humbling sign. Moses and Aaron gave Pharaoh the sign of a staff turned to a serpent. Pharaoh's court magicians replicated the sign, but God's serpent ate theirs. The serpent was Pharaoh's symbol of power and the Lord was humbling him personal

If we're honest, we are a lot like Pharaoh. We all want to set our own rules, live our own way, be served by those around us. We just don't have the power to do so like Pharaoh did. In Exodus we meet a God who humbles us: We aren't God. He is.

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Our God Fights For His People

The Lord is doing more than humbling Pharaoh; he's liberating his people from oppression. This is the God who sees the affliction of his people, hears their cry, and knows their sufferings. (Ex 3:7) He cares for his people. He cares for justice. And he acts.

We recognize that the Exodus rescue prefigures a greater rescue that the Lord achieved at the cross of Christ. So despair isn’t natural to the Christian. Grief? Yes. Sorrow? Yes. Frustration? Yes. But despair? We trust in the sovereign King who fights for his people.

So let's be bold to call out to the Lord, who sees his people's troubles, who hears their cry, who knows their suffering

This is my Father’s world. O let me ne’er forget, That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet!