Red Sea Crossing-Don't Forget God!

April 2, 2017

This week we considered Exodus chapter 14 and saw God part the Red Sea to deliver his people from Egypt's military pursuit.

Israel Forgot God

When the chariots closed in Israel didn't have a very faithful response: They complained to Moses that they had wanted to stay in Egypt. Do we as Christians think of our salvation that same way? Do we look back with fondness at our old life? Do we look at the unsaved and say, wow I wish I was having that much fun? Let's remember that promiscuity isn’t joy. It’s squandering something beautiful. It’s pleasurable in the same way vandalism gives a thrill. Anger isn’t power, it’s being powerless before your emotions. Greed isn’t gain, it’s the inability to ever be satisfied… because greed knows no end. Don’t envy the licentiousness of the world. Sin isn’t freedom. It’s bondage. If you’re looking to find your pleasure in the old sinful patterns of the world, you’re turning back to Egypt.

Moses Reminded Israel About God

But Moses reminded them God was with them. Based on what they’ve seen in the recent past, they shouldn’t be grumbling, they should be asking for – and expecting – an 11th plague! How often are we like Israel... needing a reminder that God is part of our story? When you walk through trouble, remember that God is with you. Seek him out in the midst of trials. Read his Word when times are hard. When you describe your troubles to yourself or someone else don’t forget God is part of the story.

Israel Praised the Lord

At the end of the day, the Lord remained faithful and rescued his people again. They turn to him in Exodus 15 in praise. We have a greater salvation than Israel experienced that day. He preserved their earthly lives. He raised our souls from death into life with his Son. Praise his holy name!