Don't Fall! (Genesis 3)

January 29, 2017

We have a real enemy and his aim is our hearts. When we are in conflict, in pain, in turmoil about the future, the Tempter wants to divert our gaze from God or distort our view of God. When Adam and Eve sinned it was because they directed their gaze, not at God and his goodness, but at the perceived benefits of sin. Sin promises a 1-dimensional happiness, doesn't even deliver that, and leaves you abandoned in your guilt and separation.

But God, in his great love, promised a Savior. One who would triumph over our enemy, remove our guilt, and renew our vision to direct our eyes again to the Lord. So when you are in conflict, when you are tempted to sin, when you are planning for the future, when you are in pain... ask yourself, "What are my eyes looking at? The world or the Lord? Sin or the Savior?" Don’t live in unbelief, either explicitly like Eve did (directly doubting God’s goodness), or functionally (living as if he’s just not there).

And let's remember that God reached out with salvation to Adam and Eve, and to you and me! Let's be advocates of that reconciliation. Will you pray this week for someone whose eyes are open to sin (the knowledge of evil), that their eyes would be opened and turned to God (the knowledge of good)?