God Draws Near (Genesis 2)

January 22, 2017

In Genesis chapter 2 we see God draw near to his people in three ways: Creation, Temple, and Marriage.

The Lord formed humanity distinct from the rest of creation. Everything else he commanded into existence, but he knelt down to form Adam like a craftsman. Then he "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature." God drew near to make us so we could be near to him! (We also saw that human beings are body and spirit. The body affects the spirit, and the spirit impacts the body. Don't forget that caring for your body is a spiritual discipline that honors the Lord!)

The rest of Genesis 2 establishes two of the largest themes in all the Bible: Temple and Marriage. Both of them point to God's nearness.

God planted a garden to dwell with Adam and Eve. Even after they separated themselves from God, he established the Tabernacle and Temple as reminders of the garden, which will ultimately come to fruition on the last day when God dwells with his people in a final temple-city.

God established marriage as a great good for his people. The marriage relationship is patterned after God's love for his people (Eph 5) and our salvation will culminate in the wedding supper of the Lamb - God near his people!

So will you cast of hindrances and draw near to God this week?

  • Submit your fears to God instead of letting them drive you apart from him.

  • Cast of the sin that entangles and separates you from fellowship with him.

  • Seek him out in his Word and pour yourself out in prayer.